What Should I do? If I find a GoPro or lose a GoPro outside?

What Should I do? If I find a GoPro or lose a GoPro outside?

Many GoPro users would use their GoPro during hiking, skiing, skateboarding, or other kinds of outdoor sports. Unfortunately, some GoPro users may lose their GoPros for different reasons. Maybe for the inappropriate use of the GoPros, or the sudden clash during outdoor sports. Those GoPros may be lost in the deep sea, on the high mountains, in the valley, or in other places not easy to be noticed.

Luckily, some lost GoPros may be found by others one day. It happens every day all over the world. Some may find a lost GoPro during fishing, and some may find one when climbing a mountain. Below is an example.

“Recently, while visiting Valley of Fire SP near Las Vegas I found a GoPro10 in a waterproof case with a ‘chip clip’ alongside the road in the desert. The last photograph was mid-January.

If you can tell me the name on the phone we will make arrangements to get it back to you.”

What should I do if I find someone else’s lost GoPro? How could I give the lost GoPro to the original owner? How to make sure that?

Below are several methods you could find the original GoPro users if you found a lost GoPro.

1. Facebook page: Lost and Found GoPro cameras Worldwide — Free


2. Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/lostfoundgopro?lang=en

3. Facebook group: Lost and Found GoPro cameras Worldwide — Free group


You could post some detailed and precise descriptions about the place, GoPros, and other things about the lost GoPro. Or anything else that could help identify the original owner. Many people who lose their GoPros will join this kind of group to look for their GoPros carefully.

What Shall I Do If I Lose My GoPro?

After losing your GoPro, you could follow the below three steps to find your GoPro.

1. You need to make sure that your GoPro still has some battery left in it. And, you need to have lost it within the last 8 hours.

2. You have installed the GoPro App on your phone before. Or you get an App that could be used as a Bluetooth locator on your phone, such as LightBlue Explorer. With those Apps, you could use them to locate your GoPro via Bluetooth connection or Wi-Fi connection (GoPro App).

3. Start to search the lost GoPro from the areas where the GoPro has been lost or areas where it is most likely to be found. The lost GoPro could be found via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth within their ranges. (The Bluetooth could be detected about 30–50 meters away, while Wi-Fi could be a bit further.)

Learn more details to find a lost GoPro back from the YouTuber DC Rainmaker.

3 Ways To Find Your Lost GoPro

Kind Remind for All GoPro Users

1. Use your GoPro in an appropriate way. Like using qualified mounts or hand grips to hold your GoPros during outdoor activities.

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2. Download a GoPro App on your phone. Or a Bluetooth detecting App on your phone could help a lot when using it to find the lost GoPro.

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