How I Mount My GoPro on the Guitar?

How I Mount My GoPro on the Guitar?

Years ago, when I started playing guitar, I just play alone in my house. I learned guitar skills and knowledge from the websites. Then, as I got better, I even tried to write my music scores. I was so excited that I desired to share my work with more people just like many other guitar players on social media I had seen. This is how I started recording guitar videos with my GoPro.

But how to mount GoPro on the guitar? Many guitar players may also have the same desire to film music scenarios just like me. I got some ideas from some groups after I decided to film my guitar. There are a few ways that you can mount the camera to the guitar. The most guitar players will choose to attach a jaw-type mount to the headstock of the guitar and point the camera down the neck. In this way you can show the audience which notes you are playing. 

Now, I will show you certain steps on how to put an Adjustable Music Mount on the guitar. 

  1. Connect your camera’s buckle to the mount with the thumb screw;
  2. Adjust the clamp to the suitable size for the headstock, and make it tight enough.
  3. Adjust the camera’s angle until it can clearly shoot your string and note.

If you are still confused, this video might be helpful:

My recent mount is this: Adjustable Music Mount Rotating Stage Clamp. It is solid. No need to worry about falling off. It can be used to attach your camera to just about any stand or instrument on stage, letting you capture immersive new perspectives of performances, rehearsals, and jam sessions. 

And it is versatile. It can be clamped onto guitar headstocks, drum hoops, keyboards, brass instruments, mic stands, and more, featuring multiple adjustment points. In addition to onstage use, the clamp can also be used for offstage mounting to capture footage of your other favorite activities.

What I appreciate most is its compatibility. It can be compatible with not only GoPro and other action cameras, but also smartphones. I can simply record with my phone and then quickly update the video on Youtube and Instagram when I want to share it on a whim.

Now I don’t always play guitar inside the room. Sometimes I will play guitar outsides with my friends in the yard or park. Beautiful scene and smooth music, everything is perfect, until I want to record my music. The sound will inevitably be affected by noisy wind. At this time, a windslayer for GoPro becomes a necessity.


I have to say it is a good partner for GoPro when you are doing an outdoor music party or something you want to eliminate the effect of wind noise. HSU Windslayer is similar to the GoPro official media mod but it is more affordable, which is wind muff. 

Its cover is specially designed for GoPro Hero 10 & Hero 9 Black action cameras. Made of high-density sponge material, it's softer, lighter, and more elastic than a regular sponge. The foam case can protect the camera and also reduce wind noise when recording audio and video, and the precise hole would not affect the video effect. 

Apart from the jaw-type mount and the windslayer, there is another one I think you might be interested in: Snap Magnetic Mount.

No tools are required. Just snap and go. There is a snap mount lanyard that adds more stability. It is suitable for guitar players that actively on the stage. The shooting objective is no longer your guitar but the stage and your audience. With the help of this snap magnetic mount, you are able to enjoy the excitement from first person view by magnetic mount wearing on your clothing or share the VLOG/POV filming with your friends with a GoPro selfie stick and tripod. Never miss the moment again!

If you are still worried about the danger of falling off. An Adjustable Shoulder Strap Grip Mount might be more suitable for you.


You just need to install the GoPro to the mount on the strap, then adjust the strap to your favorite gesture. This single shoulder strap mount adopts a quick-release design, which can be disassembled in one second. With a 360°rotation base, you can switch your camera to shooting vertically or horizontally when you wear the shoulder strap mount. 

If you are a guitar player searching for a way to film your guitar, I hope this article will be helpful for you.


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