A Guide on Recording Your Guitar Playing Sessions with GoPro/Smartphone

A Guide on Recording Your Guitar Playing Sessions with GoPro/Smartphone


In today's tech-savvy world, capturing your guitar playing sessions has never been easier with devices like GoPro and smartphones. Whether you're a beginner learning chords or a seasoned guitarist, this blog post will walk you through the steps of recording your guitar sessions using these convenient gadgets, turning your musical moments into shareable memories.

Step 1: Choose Your Device

Using GoPro:

  • Mounting: Securely mount your GoPro for the best angle. Attach it to the headstock, body, or any creative spot that captures your playing style.

  • Settings: Experiment with different GoPro settings. Higher frame rates provide smoother video, while wide-angle lenses capture more of your surroundings.

Using Smartphone:

  • Orientation: Choose between landscape and portrait mode based on your preference. Landscape is generally preferred for a wider view.

  • Stabilization: If your smartphone has stabilization features, enable them to reduce shaky footage.

Step 2: Set Up Your Recording Space

Ensure a quiet and well-lit environment for optimal recording quality. Minimize background noise, and experiment with lighting to enhance the visual appeal of your session.

Step 3: Position Your Device

Experiment with different positions to find the best angle for your recording. Ensure that the device is stable and won't interfere with your playing.

Step 4: Adjust Audio Settings

Using GoPro:

  • Consider using an external microphone for better audio quality.

  • Experiment with GoPro's wind reduction settings if playing outdoors.

Using Smartphone:

  • Place your smartphone at a reasonable distance to balance both audio and video quality.

  • External microphones or interfaces can be used to enhance sound capture.

Step 5: Hit Record and Play

Once everything is set up, hit the record button and start playing. Feel free to experiment with different shots and perspectives during your session.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Edit with Apps: Both GoPro and smartphones offer user-friendly editing apps. Trim, add effects, and enhance your recordings directly on your device.

  • Experiment with Angles: Capture close-ups of your fingers on the fretboard or wide shots that include your entire playing space.


Recording your guitar playing sessions with GoPro or a smartphone allows you to share your music with the world. Whether you're creating content for social media, documenting your progress, or simply enjoying the playback, these devices offer a simple and effective way to turn your strumming sessions into visual masterpieces. So, grab your guitar, set up your device, and let the music play!

[Remember: Ensure your device has sufficient storage before recording.]


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