What are the Top 3 GoPro Mounts for Mountain Biking?

What are the Top 3 GoPro Mounts for Mountain Biking?

So you have a GoPro, and you want to find the top 3 mounts to capture some awesome mountain biking footage. In today's video we will cover the top 3 mounts for mountain biking and how to set them up. There’s nothing worse than getting to the bottom of the mountain biking trail, and watching your GoPro footage only to realize you didn’t have the GoPro mounts setup right, and your riding footage is ruined.

Check the full review by Jared Hoffman from below video

The Helmet GoPro Mounts - Head is a natural gimbal. But you need to make sure you capture the bars and the trail infant of you. Use phone, or the “Parking Lot Method”

The Handlebar GoPro Mounts - Awesome to show how rough the trail is and get shots of yourself reacting to the it. Point the eye of the lens up at you. “Parking Lot Test”

The Chest mount "Chesty" - Setup wrong pointed at the ground. What’s the right angle. Once again use the parking lot method.

Let’s get out on the trail. Show you a GoPro mounts edit with bonus REAR VIEW angle. Thanks for watching. Like, Sub, Have some fun people!


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