Must-have GoPro Mounts For Every Road & Mountain Bikers

Must-have GoPro Mounts For Every Road & Mountain Bikers

During winter, many road cyclists would keep their road bikes at home to avoid the possible destroys from rigorous weather. Unlike winter days, road biking and mountain biking are popular activities during summer days. It provides great fun with pleasant weather that winter days could not have.

It is a perfect season to record those wonderful moments during riding and share them with your loved ones. Get your GoPro or any other action cameras you own to ride with you.

Wait a moment, only a GoPro may not satisfy the need for a stable and clear recording during riding. To film your ride clearly and perfectly, you shall get some must-have accessories for your GoPro.

Are you ready to record your next ride? In this article, no matter what your GoPro is, you’ll discover the gear you’ll need to capture the entire journey with your GoPro. Let’s get started!

The standard thumb screw or mount comes with the GoPro may be enough for users to attach their GoPros on a monopod or a selfie stick to capture. When talking about biking, it’s necessary to use some professional mounts to attach your GoPro on your bike via the handlebar, helmet, or others.

1. HSU Handlebar Mount For All GoPros

This HSU rotatable GoPro bike handlebar mount allows 360-degree rotation, meeting your all-around shooting requirement from different angles. It can install your GoPro onto any round or semi-round tube 0.9”-1.3”(22mm-34mm) of your bike. The entire mount is aluminum and there is a foam pad around the mount rings, so it won’t damage the frame on your bike.

HSU GoPro Bicycle Handlebar Mount
Three Colors Available

2. GoPro Chest Mount

Compared with the handlebar mount, the chest mount records your riding from a different view even with the same ride. It’s crucial to keep your GoPro safe when riding your bike in the mountains or on rocky terrain. A single fall can be extremely deadly and tragic, so be focused and use a chest mount to keep your GoPro protective. You could enjoy the excitement from the first-person view during riding with the chest mount. It is also compatible with all GoPro models and other action cameras.

HSU GoPro Chest Mount

3. Bite Mouth Mount

According to the feedback from many road bikers and mountain bikers that it is more stable to mount the GoPro on your body than on the bike when recording your adventure.

Although, the bite mouth mount was designed for shooting with GoPros for watersports, like surfing. It helps users keep their hands free when they need to keep balance on a surfboard. Actually, it is also perfect for road biking or mountain biking since it provides a perfect view to record the bicycle adventure. It became quite popular among road bikers and mountain bikers these two years. The HSU bite mouth mount is made of soft ergonomic silicone for maximum comfort and super stable footage, and it works for all GoPros.

HSU GoPro Bite Mouth Mount

4. GoPro Helmet Mount

For all bikers, the most common place to mount their GoPros is in the helmet. Because helmet mounts are one of the greatest ways to film and share live actions without having to hold a camera. However, there are other aspects to consider when selecting the appropriate helmet mounts for your needs, such as video stability, ease of operation, and others.

HSU GoPro Helmet Mount

Among those helmet mounts, the head strap mount is one of the most popular helmet mounts. For example, the HSU Head Strap Mount would allow you to mount your GoPro camera on your head or helmet securely. Just free your hands to do more amazing actions for capturing more amazing moments.

Get the gadgets you want from HSU Shop and enjoy your riding this summer.

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