Must-Have Insta360 ONE X2 Accessories

Must-Have Insta360 ONE X2 Accessories

Insta360 ONE X2 is a pocket-size spherical VR solution with dual and single-lens. It provides more chances to achieve shooting ideas. To get more fun, you may wonder what Insta360 ONE X2 accessories are must-have. No matter whether you are an adventure enthusiast or someone who enjoys filming, below mentioned are some of the best accessories that you can use with your Insta360 ONE X2. 

Part 1: For Camera protection

Don’t think the protection accessories are boring, you will be grateful when these accessories help you save plenty of money for repairing broken lens.

1. Lens Cap

This cap may be the most basic and cheapest protection accessory for your ONE X2. Cheap and worthy. It can help you protect your lens when not shooting.

2. Premium lens guard 

How can I protect my lens when shooting? Here comes the premium lens guard. Made of high-definition glass protection material, the light transmittance can reach 93%~96%. You still can shoot high-definition scenes with this lens guard.

3. Protective Case with Zipper 

A protective case can help you both protect and store. The protective case with zipper is more useful than the merely protective case. The case with zipper can store the camera attached to the housing frame, selfie stick, or other accessories. No need to disassemble., fast and time-saving.

Part 2: For Shooting

Here are some accessories that can satisfy various needs for Insta360 ONE X2 shooting. If you want to make your particular ideas come true, find the suitable one. 

1. Waterproof/Dive Case

The waterproof case can help you shoot underwater scenes. The maximum depth of this case reaches 30 meters. It could be the best partner to shoot the scene of the sea and sky.

2. Invisible Selfie Stick

It is one of the most popular accessories of Insta360. This particular selfie stick comes with a blind spot directly under the camera. So you can be assured of recording your 360°shots without any interference in the lens.

3. All-Purpose Tripod

The all-purpose tripod can be both tripod and grip. It can also be a selfie stick if you like. You could put it on a table for indoor shooting, or connect it with a gimbal to become a grip. 

4. Memory Card

If you want to have an uninterrupted long shooting experience, a memory card with enough capacity is a must-have. There are various memory cards on the market. The capacity varies from GB to TB. You could choose the suitable one according to your shooting need.

5. Suction Cup Mount

It will be the most helpful one if you want to shoot from your car. It can be mounted on the car's insides and outsides. The most common mounting spot is the car’s front window.

6. Backpack Mount

You can easily attach your action camera to your backpack, hat, belt, strap, thin surfing & skateboard, and similar stuff with the backpack mount, which provides a unique shooting angle.

So which accessory do you want to purchase?

It feels satisfied when you have a bundle of accessories, but it will be a waste when you don’t use them. Think clearly before you dive into purchasing an accessory. Do you really need this accessory? What function of this accessory appeal to you? Don't buy just to buy. Hope everyone can buy the favorite and usable accessories.


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