How to shoot vertical video with your GoPro

How to shoot vertical video with your GoPro

Recently, more and more creators are fond of making vertical videos.To help you create stunning vertical videos effortlessly, we introduce our specialized GoPro Vertical Mount. Let's dive into the world of vertical shooting and how our mount elevates your experience.

Preparing Your GoPro for Vertical Shooting

  1. Camera Setup: Ensure your GoPro is in the appropriate mode for vertical shooting. Navigate to the settings and select the vertical orientation option.

  2. Resolution and Frame Rate: Adjust your camera's resolution and frame rate to suit your intended platform and the quality you desire.

With the help of Our HSU Vertical Mount

  1. Introduction: Our GoPro Vertical Mount is designed for seamless vertical video shooting. It securely holds your GoPro in a vertical position, allowing you to effortlessly capture 9:16 aspect ratio footage, perfect for social media sharing.

              HSU 90-Degree Aluminum Alloy Adapter Vertical Mount

             HSU Aluminum Vertical Bracket Adapter
  2. Mounting Your GoPro: Attach your GoPro to our vertical mount securely. Ensure it's stable and properly aligned.

Techniques for Capturing Great Vertical Shots

  1. Composition: Frame your shots carefully, considering the vertical aspect ratio. Utilize the rule of thirds and experiment with different angles to capture visually appealing footage.

  2. Lighting and Stabilization: Pay attention to lighting conditions, as they can significantly impact the overall look of your video. Use GoPro stabilization features or external stabilizers for smoother footage.

Final Thoughts

With our GoPro Vertical Mount, shooting captivating vertical videos has never been easier. Embrace the vertical format, unleash your creativity, and elevate your video content for a more engaging viewing experience across social media platforms.

Ready to take your vertical video game to the next level? Try our GoPro Vertical Mount today!


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