GoPro Red Filter: Things You Need to Know

GoPro Red Filter: Things You Need to Know

When you plan to shoot GoPro photo or video during scuba diving or snorkeling and seek suggestions from the Internet, many GoPro users will suggest you put on a filter for your GoPro. What is it? Why do you need it? This article might be helpful.

Why do you need to use red filter underwater?

GoPro filter is a piece of glass that can be covered on the original lens of camera. Usually it is used with the diving case. Due to the shorter wavelengths of light like the colors blue and green can penetrate the water to deeper levels, the footage taken in the deeper water will be less colorful than they really are. So, if you want to film colorful pictures, filters become a must-have.

With the help of the filter, you can easily shoot clearer and sharper images. Of course, there are other ways that can also help you process beautiful pictures. You can bring underwater GoPro light, or directly buy another type of camera that has UW setting to correct the colors. Apparently, putting on a filter for GoPro is the simplest way.

How to choose the right filter?

The filter you need mainly depends on the water condition and the depth of the water. You may find that there is not only one same color filter when you are searching. Yes, the GoPro underwater filter is often referred to as red filter. But there is not only one kind of red or only red. You could choose the suitable color according to the water condition:

Red Filter: It is usually used in the blue water located in tropical areas. 

Magenta Filter: It is usually used on green water which is cold and greenish.

Yellow Filter: It is especially for optimizing night diving.

Besides, remember to check whether the filter is compatible with the depth of water you are going to explore. Usually, the filter will show its depth and durability in the description. A stronger filter will not help you get better images, so choose according to your need.

How to put the filter on GoPro?

It is not difficult to put on a filter. A few guides and tips can make it easier. Here is a guide video made by Kyle Martin Tech "GoPro Tips and Tricks":


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