Best Body Mount for GoPro Action Cameras

Best Body Mount for GoPro Action Cameras

For action camera users, owning a camera is still not enough. You can’t hold the camera all the time when you are running, biking, or skiing. Moreover, if you want to achieve different shooting ideas and get various shooting views such as POV, some body mounts will be necessary. 

Head Strap Mount

Head strap mount is ideal for hands-free filming when you want a POV view. An elastic nylon headband strap with non-slip rubber inserts can be put on a helmet or directly on your head. This mount is perfect for biking, skiing, motorcycling, etc.

Chest Mount

The chest strap mount has a lower view compared with the head strap mount. The chest strap mount and head strap mount have almost the same functions. It gives you an ultra-immersive perspective, ideal for hiking, skiing, snowboarding, cycling, and other outdoor sports. 


Shoulder Mount

This single shoulder strap mount adopts a quick-release design, which can be disassembled in one second. With a 360°rotation base, you can switch your camera to shooting vertically or horizontally when you wear the shoulder strap mount. You could fit it with other accessories or the gimbals for more possibilities.

If you don't know how this shoulder strap works, it might be helpful to check YouTuber Adventure Tim's review video.

Backpack Mount

With this backpack mount, you can wear your GoPro on your backpack to capture unique perspectives, and catch all the action hands-free. Fits for hiking (but be careful, it is not suitable for extreme sports)


Extension Arm Mount

Apart from the body mount mentioned above, the extension arm can also be helpful if you want to free your hands when you are outsides. The extension arm mount kit can be assembled into an extension pole, selfie stick, and stabilizer. Widely used in outdoor sports such as hiking, skiing, skateboarding, cycling, motorcycle, parachuting, etc

All the choices listed above will be your great helper when you are doing outdoor activities. You could choose the one that you need.


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