Top 10 GoPro Accessories Every GoPro Newbie Needs

Top 10 GoPro Accessories Every GoPro Newbie Needs

GoPro is one the best action camera brands in the world. Every day, many people will go for a GoPro action camera for many types of reasons to record their unique traveling or others. 

Many new GoPro newbies are wondering which GoPro accessories they shall buy when they get the new GoPro.

Actually, a naked GoPro is not enough to meet your needs for shooting specular footages or capturing under-water photos. Moreover, a naked GoPro is very dangerous to use since the lens will be easily broken. Then you would lose a lot of investment.

When searching the GoPro accessories on Google, there are hundreds of results will appear, from GoPro carrying case, GoPro selfie stick, GoPro adapter mount to GoPro accessory kit. There are many options for GoPro accessories in the market. Especially for GoPro newbies, they find that it is hard to choose the right GoPro accessories they need.

Therefore, we will introduce top 10 GoPro accessories every GoPro newbie need below.

1. High-quality Memory Card

If you plan to use your GoPro to record your traveling or other kinds of sports outside, it is better to get an extra or some high-quality memory card. That could enable a longer recording time.

A 128GB SD card can record about 5 hours at a standard bitrate in 2.7k (or about 2 hours and 20 minutes at a high bitrate).

2. GoPro Grab Bag of Mount

There are only limited number GoPro mounts that come with the new GoPro. Therefore, it is necessary to get extra mounts for universal use of GoPro.

HSU GoPro Grab Bag of Mounts Set-Spare Mounts

These basic and universal mounts are designed for GoPro cameras. Hold your camera tight and stable, attach your GoPro to other equipment and help you capture wonderful moments with those mounts for GoPro.

3. Extra GoPro Battery

As we all know, GoPro is well known for its tiny size and versatile features. That means GoPro has a drawback at the same time, which is GoPro battery lasts only a limited time. For a longer recording time with your GoPro, it is very necessary to take an extra GoPro battery.

4. GoPro Screen Protector

HSU Screen Protector for GoPro Hero 10 Black Hero 9 Black

This GoPro screen protector is made of high-quality 9H hardness glass, this tempered glass screen protector provides full protection for you against scratches, dust, light shock, and bumps.

5. GoPro Carrying Case

Taking everything you need with this carrying case when shooting great footages outside, which is suitable for every GoPro enthusiast. The exterior of the case is completely weatherproof, due to the DWR (durable water repellent) treatment, water will simply run off of the case rather than saturating the material.

6. GoPro Selfie Stick

This GoPro extendable selfie stick allows quick length adjustments from 11.8" to 36.2". The handheld monopod is made of waterproof & rustproof aluminum which makes the stick exquisite enough and stable enough to support your action cameras, allowing you to enjoy all water sports.

7. GoPro Replacement Battery Door

HSU GoPro Metal Hero10 & Hero9 Replacement Battery Door-Aluminum Alloy

This battery door is made of high-quality CNC aluminum alloy material, lightweight and durable. That allows your camera to be charged or connected to the microphone adapter directly without opening the side cover. Perfect for continuous shooting especially for recording time-lapse or video.

8. GoPro Chest Mount

Actually, the chest mount is the best option for the POV shooting. You shall must get a GoPro chest mount if you would love to use your GoPro to shoot during riding or MTB. The HSU chest mount harness is compatible with all GoPro models.

9. GoPro Max Lens Mod

For GoPro Max Lens Mod Ultra-wide Angle Lens For GoPro HERO10 HERO9 Black

If you would like a horizontal view, then you should go for a GoPro max lens mod. Its ultra-wide angle 155-degree FOV can enhance the viewing angle and improve the depth of field. Moreover, it supports waterproofness up to 5m.

10. GoPro 72-in-1 Accessory Kit

Last but not least, what we recommend for the accessory kit is the 72-in-1 accessory kit. It is the most comprehensive accessory kit for GoPro Hero 10 and GoPro Hero 9 in the market.

It includes almost every GoPro accessories you need. Go for it if you want a GoPro accessory kit.

Hope every GoPro lover would get the most appropriate accessories. 


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