Top 10 Best GoPro Hiking Accessories

Top 10 Best GoPro Hiking Accessories

It is spring now and it is the best season for hiking in many countries.

Many people can’t wait to experience the early spring’s magic after suffering from the winter’s coldness. Like running, camping and other outdoor activities, it would be a great opportunity to capture spectacular and immersive shots with your GoPro or other action cameras while hiking, especially in some great hiking trails.

When taking photos or shooting videos during hiking with your GoPro, it is important to find some cool gadgets to keep your hands free while allowing you to shoot some incredible footages.

We will introduce some great gadgets for hiking POV shooting.

1. Shoulder Mount + Extension Kit 

The HSU Adjustable Shoulder mount could free your hands during hiking and help you switch your camera vertically or horizontally in an easy way. The HSU shoulder mount is made of elasticity material, enabling free adjustment and comfortable touch during long-time hiking. It adopts a quick-release design, which can be disassembled in one second.

Adjustable Shoulder Strap Grip Mount For GoPro Hero10, Hero9, Other Series & Other Action Cameras

Moreover, you could fit the shoulder mount with other accessories or the gimbals for more possibilities, like the extension kit we provide. The HSU shoulder mount and the HSU extension kit could work together as a selfie stick (fixed on your shoulder). The whole set is lightweight but stable enough to capture the scenery from different point of views. Compared with traditional selfie stick, it could effectively reduce the wind noise and free your hands during hiking. You could concentrate more on the hiking tracks and enjoy the beauty all the time. Why not get one to enjoy more fun during hiking?
(7 Pcs) HSU All Aluminum Alloy Skiing Extension Arm Kit for GoPro Hero DJI, & Others

Lastly, the shoulder mount is not only compatible with the GoPro, but also compatible with other cameras, such as DJI, Akaso, DSLR cameras and others.

 2. Chest Mount + GoPro Hero10/9 Windslayer

Chest mount will be the best option for most outdoor sport lovers when considering the FPV (first person view) shooting. HSU chest strap mount is compatible with all GoPro cameras, DJI Osmo Actions and other action cameras. It comes with an elastic design and has an adjustable design, which fits a wide range of adult’s body sizes. Therefore, you could feel free to grad the chest mount for your outdoor shooting.

When it comes to shooting GoPro cameras during outdoor sports, the wind noise is a common problem for most GoPro users. Though GoPro officially launched the media mod to reduce the wind noise in a way, it is rather expensive for most GoPro users and it is not that convenient to take it with the GoPro all the time. Therefore, HSU has a more affordable GoPro windnoise reduction product for most GoPro users, which is the GoPro windslayer. It is made of high-density sponge material, which making it softer, lighter, and more elastic than a regular sponge. Compared with the $79.99 GoPro media mod, the GoPro windslayer is cheaper. Besides that, the $11.99 HSU GoPro windslayer even performs better job than the $79.99 GoPro media mod. Check the comparison video between the GoPro windslayer and the GoPro media mod from below link.

 3. Head Mount, Back Pack Mount or Hand Wrist Strap Mount for GoPro

Beside the common chest mount and the shoulder mount, some people may choose the head strap mount, back pack mount or hand wrist strap mount to capture the footage from a different view. HSU also have options for these three mounts, all of them are made of high quality material, enabling durable and stable features.

Most importantly, HSU launches the 72-in-1 accessory kit, which includes all these mounts in a competitive price.

Besides those mounts, you could also get three GoPro filters, mini GoPro bag, large GoPro carrying case, and other valuable items from this accessory kit. The GoPro filters could help record a more clear footage. The mini GoPro bag could better protect your GoPro from scratch and storage your GoPro during hiking.

4. HSU GoPro Selfie Stick for Hiking

When capture the spectacular videos during hiking, a compact and durable selfie stick is a must-have accessory for GoPro users.

Hiking is not like traditional travelling, it is important to choose a suitable selfie stick. Different people may have different requirements. Someone would love a longest selfie stick to capture the special view, while others would choose a selfie stick with a BT remote control to take photos more conveniently. Luckily, HSU have all these options to meet different hikers’ needs. Below are several hot selling selfie sticks for GoPro users during hiking.

 HSU Carbon Fiber Selfie Stick

This selfie stick has multiple functions, it could be used as a floating pole, hand grip, and tripod stand as well. The pole is made of high-class carbon fiber to ensure it is lighter and stronger. Great for taking close and wide-angle shots while traveling, surfing, diving, snowboarding, skiing, and much more. The tripod stand is made of aluminum alloy material which combines strength and toughness, making it waterproof and rustproof. It is compatible with all GoPro series, DJI action cameras, and others.

HSU Waterproof Selfie Stick for GoPro, 14.8”-44.1

This HSU selfie stick is the longest selfie stick, and it allows quick length adjustments from 14.8”-44.1”. The handheld monopod is made of waterproof & rustproof material which makes the stick exquisite enough and stable enough to support your action cameras, allowing you to enjoy all water sports. It is compatible with all GoPro action cameras, Akaso, other action cameras and even your phone.

HSU Selfie Stick with BT Remote Control

This HSU handgrip allows quick length adjustments from 11.8” to 36.2” and the pole comes with a wireless remote shutter& a durable tripod. This go pro selfie stick has slip-resistant rubber and wrist strap around the pole handle to prevent unexpected falling off.

Ready for your hiking? Besides the hiking pole and hiking shoes for yourself, please also remember to get ready for your GoPro or other action cameras to take adorable photos for your new hiking journey.

Hope all of you could enjoy more hiking fun with the GoPro accessories from HSU. 


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