Latest: GoPro Hero 10’s Price & Parameters

Latest: GoPro Hero 10’s Price & Parameters

GoPro Hero 10’s Price-€539.99 in Euro & $499 in the USA

According to WinFuture, the GoPro Hero 10 Black will cost 539.99 euros in Europe. An official price for the GoPro Hero 10 in the United States is not available now. For the leaks from Roland Quandt on Twitter, the price for the GoPro Hero 10 Black will be $499 in the United States. Compared with the GoPro Hero9, it seems that the new GoPro model, GoPro Hero 10 will be more expensive.

GoPro Hero10 Price Leak

GoPro Hero 10’s Parameters

GoPro Hero 10 Black is bringing with it a new chipset called GP2. It’s apparently twice as powerful as the one in the GoPro Hero 9 Black.

A Hydrophobic Lens Coating

It is reported that the GoPro Hero10 will bring better video quality even in low lighting conditions, as well as improved image stabilization, according to WinFuture’s sources. There’s also a new lens cover with a hydrophobic (water-repellent) coating that reduces reflections, which should help the camera take even better photos and videos.

A 2.27-inch Touch Display

As for the display, WinFuture says GoPro Hero10 will run at a faster refresh rate than the one on the GoPro Hero 9 Black, resulting in a more fluid viewing experience. In addition, the touch control and a shutter release button operate faster.

GoPro Hero10

Maximum 5.3K Video Resolution

GoPro Hero 10 Black will offer a maximum 5.3K video resolution, with faster frame rates available at lower resolutions-the 2.7K resolution is said to support up to 240 frames per second, which is perfect for those slow-motion clips.

Besides that, the GoPro Hero10 improves from a 132-degree field of view to 155 degrees with the Max Lens Mod. Meanwhile, it is said that the GoPro Hero10 is packed with a 1720 mAh battery for long time usage and it has a lower weight at 153g. Lastly, the GoPro Hero 10’s accessories are completely compatible with the GoPro Hero9’s accessories since they are almost the same in size. That means the GoPro Hero9’s case, mount, selfie stick, and other accessories could also work with the GoPro Hero 10.

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