Is the Max Lens Mod Worth the Purchase for GoPro Hero 10 Black & Hero 9?

Is the Max Lens Mod Worth the Purchase for GoPro Hero 10 Black & Hero 9?

After the official launch of the GoPro Hero9, GoPro has announced a new amazing gadgets for the GoPro Hero9, which is the max lens mod. Because the GoPro Hero9 adopts a removable lens, while the GoPro Hero8 and its former GoPro versions do not have one. The latest model, GoPro Hero10 continues in this way with a removable lens. Therefore, the max lens mod could work for both GoPro Hero10 & GoPro Hero9. 

For most new GoPro Hero9 & GoPro Hero10 users, they will wonder whether the max lens mod is worth the purchase or not. On one hand, the max lens mod is a large investment compared with other GoPro mounts. On the other hand, many GoPro Hero10& Hero9 users are wondering how much the max lens mod could improve their footage. 

Basically speaking, the max lens mod is awesome for its horizontal lock design, which means that it could keep your GoPro video horizontal or vertical even when the camera is fixed off the center position or rotated 360 degrees. On the other hand, it improves stabilization with a wider viewing angle.

Therefore, the max lens mod is worth of purchasing if you plan to use your GoPro to make some action videos, such as cycling, skiing and other action sports. The max lens mod could make your videos smooth and it allows you to record 9:16 or 16:9 portrait no matter how you mount your GoPro, and slightly increases the field of view. If your video does not use a max lens mod, there would be a lot of movements and bounce with your GoPro’s videos.

However, please remember that the max lens mod does not help any for your videos in low light conditions. The max lens mod could only improves the viewing angel instead of the video quality. If you’d love to improve the video quality during low light condition, a shutter of 1/240 and the appropriate ISO could compensate.

Below are some real user feedback about the max lens mod.

“The max lens mod is awesome, keeps horizon lock and improves stabilization with a wider lens. It’s awesome for me for snowmobiling. For how it’s twisty the trails get and hills I go on. and will be even better when I go out on a sail boat on the weekends! While snowmobiling I probably solely used the max lens.”

“Right, It’s so nice! I was side hilling and the video was locked onto the horizon. So it gave some dimension to the angle I was at next to a road.”

“It depends if you gonna make some action videos. If not forget about it. the great add to the camera is the horizontal stabilization. In the water is less hidrophobic and gets a creepy image worst than the normal lens.”

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