How to Resolve the GoPro Hero10 Overheating Problem?

How to Resolve the GoPro Hero10 Overheating Problem?

Many new GoPro users would be shocked at the GoPro Hero10 overheating issue at first. This overheating issue will happen even when they put the GoPro Hero10 on table to simply test the recording or other features.

Though GoPro officially announced that they will launch the new Firmware and GoPro Enduro Battery to fix the overheating issue before, it still happens to many GoPro users. Therefore, many new GoPro users would post the questions like “Is it normal that the temperature of my GoPro hero 10 is so high?” online. Someone even worry that overheating issue would hurt their batteries.

Below is a simple post from GoPro Hero10 user about the overheating problem.

“Right now it's a huge issue for me. Within 5 min of turning it on it auto turns off. I'm already trying hard to keep it out of the sun prior to shooting. We're going through out hottest summer that I have ever known and my GoPro is struggling which is making filming super tricky.”

Why overheating problems happen to GoPros?

GoPros are designed as action cameras, which means GoPros are born for extreme sports and outdoor sports. When use the GoPro for skiing and motorvolog, typically it is moving on a skier or bike and that would get air to cool the GoPro down quickly. Therefore, the overheating problem will not happen. Sitting on a desk is not the normal use for a GoPro and the overheating problem in this case could be neglected. Compared with other kind of cameras, GoPros have their own advantages, like small size with great performance, high resolution and others. However, GoPro has a fatal weakness when it owns those advantages, which is overheating issue. Actually, GoPro has made adjustments in the area of battery, design, and firmware in past few years to fix or ease the overheating problem in some way. The GoPro Hero10’s overheating problem still exists. On other hand, we could understand that a lot of technology packed into a small package will definitely cause some side effects. Actually, we all as the GoPro users, could do something to alleviate this overheating problem.

How to resolve the GoPro Hero10’s overheating problem?

According to GoPro users, the GoPro Hero10’s overheating problem has been eased in some way with the new firmware and the new battery. Besides that, we could do something else to further minimize the overheating problem.

1. Use GoPro Hero10 where has enough airflow

Just remember that the GoPro Hero10 is made to be for action sports with air movement. If you are using the GoPro Hero10 with motion and has airflow passed, the overheating problem shouldn’t be an issue.

2. Turn off the GoPro Hero10’s features that you do not need

It is important to keep things off that you are not using, like GPS, Wi-Fi, microphone and others. It also helped a lot to turn the front screen and voice activation off when you do not need.

3. Try to record at lower resolutions

Try to record at lower resolutions if the GoPro Hero10 heating problem still exists.

Believe that GoPro Hero10’s overheating issue will be fixed well if you have done those procedures above. If not, please kindly contact the GoPro official to further check the causes of overheating issue.

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5 thoughts on “How to Resolve the GoPro Hero10 Overheating Problem?


I’ve also applied the firmware upgrade – no impact

August 3, 2022 at 16:59pm

Mine overheated while riding my motorbike. Airflow doesnt really make a difference

August 3, 2022 at 16:50pm

I am betting that the sunlight on a gopro causes additional heating problems.

July 18, 2022 at 12:00pm

My new Hero 10 turns off after 20minuts. It is mounted on a canoe and is always in cool temp. I would not have purchased it if I had known about this issue. Very disappointed.

June 26, 2022 at 19:01pm
Kevin Gallagher

I’ve got the GoPro hero 10, and I have a overheating problem. I’ve switched off everything that I’m not using on the GoPro satnav mic voice activation, both screens. And I’m recording on the lowest setting.
I have my GoPro mounted to my motorbike with good air flow. And at 12degrees while recording on my bike. The longest it will record for is 8 min. Before it switches off due to overheating.
I’m very disappointed, I also have a hero4 which will record till the battery runs out with no problems
I need help

May 22, 2022 at 03:08am

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