How To Record Your GoPro Hero10 in True Film 24fps?

How To Record Your GoPro Hero10 in True Film 24fps?

Three frame rates are standardized by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Editors, also known as the SMPTE.

The 24fps is the standard frame rate for movies. In the era of streaming media when the line between movies and television is more blurred than ever, many television shows also use 24fps to achieve a more cinematic look.

Cinema cameras, like the Blackmagic, Canon, and Panasonic usually provide the option to record in 24fps (23.976) or true 24fps. But, did you know that most cameras actually don't record in true film 24fps, but rather broadcast 23.976. By default, even GoPro cameras record 24fps as 23.976fps.

However, good news is that you could use an amazing tool called GoPro Labs to do some incredible customization and enhanced features with your GoPro to make it record real 24fps instead of 23.976fps. The procedure was shared by Daniel Rogness from

“But, you can now change your GoPro HERO10 to record in true FILM STANDARD 24fps.

What you need to do:

1) Install GoPro Labs firmware

2) Download QRControl to your phone/tablet (this is optional, as you can use web page or print the code, but it makes making changes easier.

3) Go to "Extras" in QRControl and from the drop-down, choose 24HZ. Choose input value 1 and make permanent (you can reset and clear this later if you want)”

By following the steps above, you could easily set your GoPro Hero10 to record in true film standard 24fps. Have a try and make a cinematic movie this spring.

Enjoy it!

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