How to Mount Your GoPro to Your Car

How to Mount Your GoPro to Your Car

Your adventures are about to get a whole lot more exciting with your GoPro mounted on your car. Follow these steps to capture every adrenaline-pumping moment:

1. Choose the Right Mount:

Select a suitable mount for your GoPro that fits securely onto your car. Suction cup mounts, adhesive mounts, or roll bar mounts are popular choices.

If you are still confused, this video might be helpful:

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2. Find the Perfect Spot:

Identify the best location on your car for mounting the GoPro. The hood, roof, front bumper, or even inside the car can offer unique perspectives.

3. Clean the Surface:

Ensure the mounting area is clean and dry to ensure maximum suction or adhesion. Use rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt or debris.

4. Attach the Mount:

For suction cup mounts, press firmly against the car's surface and engage the suction mechanism. For adhesive mounts, peel off the protective film and firmly press the mount onto the cleaned area. Allow adhesive mounts to set for at least 24 hours before using.

5. Secure Your GoPro:

Attach your GoPro to the mounted base, ensuring it's securely locked in place. Double-check to avoid any potential loosening during your drive.

6. Test and Adjust:

Before hitting the road, test the mount by gently tugging on the GoPro to check its stability. Adjust the angle or position for the desired view.

7. Safety First:

Ensure the mounting doesn't obstruct your view or interfere with the car's operation. Follow all traffic laws and safety guidelines while using your GoPro on the road.

8. Capture the Action:

Now that your GoPro is securely mounted, hit the road and capture stunning footage of your drive. Experiment with different angles and perspectives to record the ultimate adventure.

9. Remove Carefully:

After filming, carefully remove the GoPro mount from your car to prevent any damage. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper removal.

10. Share Your Adventure:

Edit and share your exhilarating footage with friends and fellow enthusiasts. Relive the thrill and excitement of your drive!


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