How to Charge Your GoPro

How to Charge Your GoPro

Charging a GoPro is kind of like charging a phone. It won't be a difficult thing for modern people. If you’ve been using your GoPro for a while, how to charge it is going to seem pretty obvious. But if you’ve only recently picked up a new GoPro, it might not be quite so self-evident.

How to Charge In the Easiest Way?

The easiest and most common method to charge it with a USB wall charger. Here is a complete guide:

  1. Turn off the camera (totally)
  2. Open the charging door
  3. Put one end of the included USB charging cable into your GoPro’s charging port.
  4. Place the other end in the wall charger
  5. Wait for the red light illuminate, ensure it is fully charged.

With the USB, there are many other options that you can charge on:


-Car with the specific adapter

-Power bank

You may think it is inconvenient that need to open the battery door while charging. In this case, a replacement battery door can be your great helper. It allows your camera to charge or be connected to the microphone adapter directly without opening the side cover.


Why is My GoPro Charge So Slow?

If you find that your GoPro is charging slowly, you might need to check these things:

First, the battery won’t charge which you are recording even though your camera is plugged in. It will start charging when you stop recording.

Second, if the camera's front LCD screen is powered on while plugged in, your camera is not charging as effectively because it is using some energy to stay powered on. The GoPro official recommends disconnecting the camera, powering it off, and then reconnecting the camera to the charging source.

Third, the speed of charging is related to the input. If you are using a low current source such as a computer USB port, it will take up to 4 hours to fully charge. A standard wall charger will take about 2 hours. If you are using supercharge, the time will be even faster.

Are There Any Options to Get a Quick Fully Charge?

Apart from charging the original battery, here is another way that can ensure your camera keep running smoothly: the replacement battery (or rechargeable battery). Many GoPro users will take replacement batteries when they are hiking or camping. The biggest advantage of a replacement battery is that you needn’t worry about where to charge and wait for fully charged when you are outsides.

The replacement battery is not compatible with all GoPro models, so you need to choose the suitable one.

Some GoPro users that rely on the battery so much will choose the 3 packs replacement with a triple charger station

The charger station can be used for not only storing but also charging. While you are recording, the charger station can keep charging other batteries connected with a power bank. Perfect for a long trip or camping recording.

If you are not so demanding, the simple 2-pack replacement batteries with a dual charger can satisfy your need.

The digital screen can help you know the charging progress of each battery, displaying the specific percentage of electricity.

In all, there are many different ways to charge your GoPro. You could choose according to your situation.


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