Best GoPro Cases You Could Find in 2021

Best GoPro Cases You Could Find in 2021

The best season for vacation is here and you might plan to go on vacation now. GoPro pioneered the action camera industry and popularized it among travelers and adventurers.

In case you’re traveling with your GoPro, we warmly suggest you take a specific GoPro case to preserve it. While the GroPro Hero has always been a tough action camera, a protective case is necessary if you want to protect your investment. Or the valuable GoPro will be lost or ruined during long trips, especially on long hikes where people’s hands are filled with stuff. We have heard many complaints about that from previous GoPro users.

HSU GoPro Carrying Case

Therefore, an ideal case is a must-have during traveling. However, the GoPro cases have different sizes, from small, medium, to large, and they would have different features when they are made of different materials. Below, we will introduce several size GoPro cases for different occasions.

1. GoPro Mini Case

Some travelers would find a GoPro case as small as possible to storage their GoPro camera only. A lightweight but waterproof GoPro case helps a lot during long-term hiking. There was no mini case specifically for GoPro from GoPro Official. Therefore, HSU creates a mini GoPro case, which perfectly fits GoPro itself and weighs only 0.1 lb. With its small and portable design, people could easily pack it into bags or carry it anywhere.

GoPro Mini Case

It’s a hardshell case designed to keep the GoPro safe from harm. It’s composed of high-quality PU leather and can stand up to a lot of abuse. It also features a CNC aluminum carabiner loop for attaching to the backpack. Overall, this is the greatest carrying case for a short trip.

HSU GoPro Mini Case

It can be used alone or with a selfie stick and housing case to protect the camera comprehensively.

Go get one from HSU Shop via here.

2. GoPro Medium Case

If you plan to go out on long vacations with your GoPros, such as somewhere away from the city. You may bring some extra batteries, chargers, a selfie stick, or even some extra mounts to install your GoPro on a surfboard or MTB. In this case, a mini GoPro case may not meet your needs. You need a medium GoPro case, which would have specific areas to put other stuff besides your GoPro.

GoPro Medium Carrying Case

This amazing GoPro medium case provides you with the ability to travel with all your accessories! It also features a carry holder and a carabiner loop for easy and convenient carrying! It has a foam interior which is specially designed to give easy access to all the compartments. As a result, people could find all accessories quickly when the action is heating up!

Grab a GoPro Medium Case from HSU Shop via here.

3. GoPro Large Case

For some GoPro enthusiasts, they may take many extra gear requirements for their shooting during long trips. The exterior of the GoPro large case is completely weatherproof, due to the DWR (durable water repellent) treatment, water will simply run off the case rather than saturating the material. When using during camping or outing, it makes perfect sense. It also features a carry handle and includes a carabineer loop, so it is easy to carry with you or attach to a belt or larger bag, Elastic Mesh Pocket provides extra storage.

GoPro Large Carrying Case

This large carrying case for GoPro Hero 9 is the best GoPro case on Amazon now.

Grab a GoPro Medium Case from HSU Shop via here.

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