HSU Action Camera Accessories Buying Guide

HSU Action Camera Accessories Buying Guide

It is really an exciting task to buy a new action camera but you also need to be careful because you are not just buying a Camera; it contains lots of features inside. The high specs of the camera and the growing availability of accessories make it possible to shoot all kinds of fun and interesting video clips without worrying about damaging them, while also simplifying the way you use them so that everyone can become a creative genius.

HSU Action Camera Buying Guide

The guide below will help you to get the best details about the action camera accessories so that you can better use the camera for your adventure sports activities.

1. Battery + Charging Kit

One of the first things you should look for when you buy a GoPro or other action camera is a replacement battery. It’s important to buy an extra battery in order to have enough power for the perfect moment recording.


HSU Action Camera Battery For GoPro

 2. Selfie Stick Grip

GoPro has a pretty good vibration resistance, but a good Grip will make the video better. Especially in high-speed exercise, when the Camera is constantly shaking, the Grip can be used to shoot very stably and smoothly for high-quality videos.

HSU Action Camera Selfie Stick

 3. Flex Clamp

Here’s a practical and fun accessory that can help you capture some of the more unusual and interesting angles.

You can clip it in any position, it won’t fall off in a bump with the excellent quality clip. It is perfect to shoot video from a variety of angles.

HSU Flex Clamp

 4. Suction Cup

Suction Cup is also a very useful accessory. It sticks to smooth glass, plastic, metal, etc. . If you want to record driving, you can stick it on the windshield of your car, or snap a video clip from a side window at a particularly interesting angle.

For example, in the picture above, attaching GoPro to the corner of the car to shoot this special angle video will make the footage you shoot thousands of times more fun. Or stick it on the front window of the car to shoot a video or Vlog of the story route.

HSU Suction Cup

 5. Head/Chest Strap

Generally, people wish to avoid the shakes that helmets and head mounts usually offer, so they go for Head/Chest mounts. These mounts provide a much better POV look and are especially recommended for skiing.

HSU Head/Chest Strap

 6. Camera Bag

A camera bag is a great means of keeping your camera safe from rain and dust and anything else that might put it in harm’s way.

In addition, as you undoubtedly accumulate lenses over time, you’ll find you need something to solve the storage problem.

HSU Action Camera Bags


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