3 Affordable Accessories for Your GoPro Hero 9 & 10 that You Might Need for Amazing Outdoor Shoots

3 Affordable Accessories for Your GoPro Hero 9 & 10 that You Might Need for Amazing Outdoor Shoots

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I recently joined the creator community and decided to get serious about improving my Youtube Channel. I then decided to invest in a good action camera since my content focuses more on travel, backpacking, and outdoor activities. I bought a GoPro Hero 9 black to improve my videos and as I go along, I realized that to have amazing outdoor shoots I also have to invest in some GoPro accessories. 

GoPro cameras have become commonplace among outdoor enthusiasts. For such a small camera, they deliver a lot of impacts. Photographers and videographers who want to capture the action with their equipment may rely on these cameras for the best in portability and durability. All things considered, they're reasonably priced. It's just that they don't always provide you exactly what you're looking for. GoPro accessories, on the other hand, can increase the camera's capabilities and let users take better pictures and videos.

The best part? All of these interesting GoPro and other action camera accessories are created by someone and available online and most of the time cheaper than the original GoPro branded accessories. 

Now I want to share with you some affordable third-party accessories I discovered and will also tell you why I like them and when you’d want to use them during your GoPro shoot.

1. Windslayer: Wind Noise Reduction Sponge Foam Case Cover

 Actually GoPro Hero 9 Black & Hero 10 already have Wind Noise Suppression features. By default, these cameras will automatically switch between Stereo and Wind Reduction audio modes. If you are anticipating that the camera will be exposed to wind noise throughout the majority of your activity, you can direct the camera to prioritize wind reduction by using the Manual Audio Control setting.

However, this built-in GoPro wind suppression feature might not be enough especially if you are shooting outdoors with strong wind or if you are doing action-packed and fast-paced activities. 

One solution is to use and attach a Media-Mod, however, this is a bit pricey. One alternative is to use a foam case that acts as a dead cat microphone cover. This is a cheaper alternative than GoPro Media Mod. 

I tried using the Windslayer from HSU, and I find it effective in reducing the wind noise.  You may take a look at the above video I made using the HSU GoPro Hero10 Hero9 Black Windslayer - GoPro Wind Muff Wind Noise Reduction Foam. Based on my actual test while hiking, this WindSlayer reduced the wind noise and it's a pretty good setup while I'm using my GoPro Hero 9 for vlogging.

 Actual test using the Windslayer

Here are the Features of this Product:

 Testing the Windslayer during a hike


The windproof cover can reduce wind noise during high winds or high-speed driving, and enhance audio capture performance. This HSU Windslayer foam cover is specially designed for GoPro Hero 10 & Hero 9 Black action cameras. 


The material is a high-quality high-density sponge, elastic, and not easy to deform. Because of its elasticity, it is not easy to tear during installation. It's softer, lighter, and more elastic than a regular sponge. 


The form and design of this Windslayer is so precise and thus don't interfere with all the operation of the camera buttons. The design does not affect the need for instant video shooting and allows you to easily press the shutter button and adjust camera settings on the touchscreen.


It also protects your camera from scratches, fingerprints, dirt, and impact. Great for outdoor activities such as hiking, moto vlogging, biking, skiing, etc. - especially for windy environments and activities. 

2. Shoulder Mount Strap Harness

I was also able to test the HSU Adjustable Shoulder Strap Grip Mount For my GoPro Hero 9 Black. This is my other product video review on action camera mounts & accessories which you may check on the video above or on my Youtube channel

 GoPro action camera on a shoulder mount harness 

Usually, we can't decide whether to use a GoPro shoulder mount vs a chest mount or a GoPro backpack shoulder mount, so this might give you an idea of what's suitable for you. Check out this GoPro shoulder strap mount - this might be what you also need, especially if you are doing moto-vlogging or other POV videos. This is, I think, the best alternative for Gopro for any action camera chest mount.

This is also compatible with GoPro Hero10 (and other GoPro Series) & other action cameras and is very good if you are doing POV shots.

Bicycle vlogging made easy using GoPro action camera shoulder mount with body harness  

The snap mount system is perfect for your fast-paced, action-packed adventures and outdoor activities. 

Here are the Features of this Product:

  • Quick Release Design

This single shoulder strap mount adopts a quick-release design, which can be disassembled in one second. 

  • 360°Rotation

This kit with a 360°rotation base, when you wear the shoulder strap mount, you can switch your camera to shooting backward, sideways, and front-facing. You could fit it with other accessories for more artistic shooting possibilities

  • Design for Comfort

The strap is an elastic light material, which could be adjusted easily

  • Compatibility

 Compatible with GoPro Hero10 Black, GoPro Hero 9/8/7/6/5/4/3, Max, etc, OSMO ACTION, Akaso, and most other action cameras.

  • For Your Outdoor Adventures

 You could use it on hiking, horseback riding, climbing, walking, traveling, cycling, and expedition in most kinds of outdoor shoots.

3. All Aluminum Alloy Extension Arm Kit

HSU 7 Pcs. HSU All Aluminum Alloy Extension Arm Kit for GoPro Hero DJI, & Others. This EXTENSION ARM FOR ACTION CAMERA or extension pivot arm can hold your action camera and adjust the angle you want for more creative shots. This Aluminium Extension Arm Metal Pole is suitable for GoPro Hero 9 Black or GoPro Hero 10 and also compatible with other action cameras. Action camera extension arm, suitable for most motion cameras. This action camera extension arm can extend the capabilities of your action camcorder, GoPro, or other action cameras. In the meantime, the action camera extension arm is suitable for the GoPro series. You can also get creative and use it as an extension for your GoPro Shorty (or extension arm for any tripod or extension poles), bicycle handlebar mounts extension, or even for helmet mount extension. 

Action camera extension Arm attached to a bicycle handlebar for vlogging 

Product Description

  • All Aluminum Alloy Extension Arm Kit

3 x aluminum alloy extension arms of different lengths - 11.8”/6.5”/3.3”  + 3 x aluminum alloy screws + 1 x aluminum alloy wrench - fix the screws at the connection

  • High Quality & Lightweight:

The GoPro extension arms are made of high-quality aluminum alloy, rustproof, rugged and durable, lightweight and stable

1/4" & 3/8" Hole: Standard 1/4" and 3/8" screw holes, can be installed as expansion accessories according to your needs

  • Hollow Design

This GoPro helmet mount is possible to greatly reduce wind resistance during riding and improve the stability of shooting. The end connection of the extension pole bracket with a three-layer design ensures the stable connection

  • Multi-Purpose

The extension arm mount kit can be assembled into an extension pole, selfie stick, stabilizer, etc. Widely used in outdoor sports such as hiking, skiing, skateboarding, cycling, motorcycle, parachuting, etc.

GoPro bicycle handlebar mount with aluminum arm extension 


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